We have reached a day and age where education needs to go beyond books and rightly so. This is far truer for learning subjects that need practical application-learning by doing, instead of simply ‘mugging’ it down. When it comes to education, children find such method of less relatable and start hating the thought of studying the subject altogether.

Children have been experiencing this form of ‘dislike’ for important subjects like Science for far too long now. Not only does this discourage scientific inquiry and curiosity, it also limits their future opportunities and growth. In the long term, this affects the growth and evolution of the country. In the competitive world of today, for our children to be ahead in the field of STEM education and our country to be a progressive superpower in the future, it is imperative that we encourage Experiential Learning for children.

We, at Respire Experiential Learning, have devoted to meticulous research and implementation in a way that children grasp even the most complicated concepts while playing and having fun. The adage ‘Experience Is The Best Teacher’ has been scientifically proven which supports the theory of ‘Experiential Learning’ now being adopted in schools, institutions and organizations worldover.

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Hands on science and maths kit for Grade 1 to Grade 10 mapped across curriculum


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Taking Science and maths rote learning to real learning in schools with complete experiential learning solutions


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Making an impact on students by giving them access to quality science and maths education in experiential format.


Girls Do Science

Encouraging young girls to take up STEM careers and inculcate 21st century skills with different Educational tools


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