Long lasting learing Deeper Insights of Science and Maths Topics Hands on skils Boosted sef confidence Make & Learn approach Increasedcreative and logical thinking

Today the world is moving fast in Science and Technology sector. Research shows that children develop an interest in STEM fields at an average age of eight. This is due to the fact that technology, gadgets and gizmos fascinate them. The concept of the Innovation lab is to provide students with access to education resources and material that sparks their interest in science , technology, engineering and mathematics.

With the help of DIY kits for experiments, children can get Hands-on experience which may help them to learn and understand science better. We are reaching out to students with our lab, products and workshops in a way that they have access to hands on tools, science kit, necessary tools to learn & create and access to trained educators. All our products and workshops are customized according to organization and school boards in local language.


  • Lab Access only to Higher secondary
  • Students had lesser interest in science/Maths
  • Only theartical for Primary sections
  • Lesser participation in Science fair and competitions
  • 800+ Students participated in SJSS Innovation yoar for year long.
  • Better understanding of Science topics and concepts.
  • Students have started making Sciene models at home using different tools available in lab.
  • Encouraged teachers - motivated to use Enquiry based Learning in curriculum
  • Participation from near by schools

Crazy science lab kit in association with intel education

  • Hands on science kit provided to kids across 3 cities
  • Kits comprised of Basics of electronics and physics.
  • Hepled 1000 students to understand electrical circuits with hands on approach


  • STEM summer scamp was orgazied by PDPU in association for students around villages in Gandhinagar
  • Break learn make wokshop was conducted to encourage enquiry based learning and acquiring ptimary level skills in electronics