Solutions for Schools

  • Transfer Rote learning to Real learning with STEAM education
  • Bring real application-based learning in Science and Maths to students.
  • Kick start STEAM education in your school with affordable solution
  • STEAM education solutions for Private and Government schools.
Understand & Observe
Build & Learn
Make & Apply

REL has designed its own ‘Hands-on-Learning’ methodology most suited to the Indian Schools. We do an extensive research to design the experiments that are easy for children to understand and synchronized with their academic syllabus.

REL provides a complete Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kit to every participant and ensures that each child performs the experiment using his/her own creative mind under the supervision of our trained tutors. We also provide children an easy to follow instruction manual along with materials. This helps them to perform activities even at home.

Our What, Why, How and Where assessment sheets help children with all the details about activities which helps them to connect with real-life applications of Science principles.

Respire conducts following program for State board, CBSE, ICSE and International schools:

  • Full year Curriculum based Hands-on Science program
  • Theme-Based Workshops
  • Teacher Training Workshops
  • Conducting Full year-long Innovation Lab
  • Setting up Makerspace in school

We Provide:

  • 250+ Activities Designed For Kids Between Grade 1 to Grade 9
  • Multi-Activity Kits As Well As Individual kits
  • Experiments Based On State Demographics
  • Exam-Centric Support For Science Curriculum
  • Futuristic Science & Education Panel
  • Hindi-English Regional Handbook + Educational Video Support
  • Teacher’s Training Program
  • Evaluation & Monitoring

Following are the School Curriculums


Focus Areas:

  • Observation skills (Eg. The Sound Lab)
  • Play & Learn method (Eg. Buzz Wire)
  • Environmental studies (Eg. Seeds identification)
  • Study of elements around us (Eg. All about Magnets)
  • Inculcating Building Approach to Make Things on your Own

Broader Topics:

  • Magnets, Light, Energy, Force, Basics of Electric Current, Properties of sound (Multi Activities hands-on kit)
  • Introducing Space via Augmented Reality
  • Art Science
  • Waste management ( Dry waste)
  • Introducing Renewable energy - Solar cooking
  • Natural Dyeing & Printing


Focus Areas:

  • Scientific Principles and its application (Eg. Newton Cradle)
  • Current technological advancements (Eg. Drip Irrigation)
  • Learning by Doing concept (DIY Solar Crop Dryer)
  • Introducing basics of skill based models

Broader Topics:

  • Magnets – Advanced version, Basics of Electricity, Effects of current, Water Turbine, Renewable Energy working models, Space Science, Drip Irrigation system,
  • Modelling with conductive clay.
  • Electrical based models like Water level indicator, Newton disc, etc.
  • Break Learn Make – Know inside Television, Mobile phone, Clock
  • Agricultural Technologies
  • Hands-on Skills (Eg. Soldering, Hydraulics, Wiring, etc)


Focus Areas:

  • Learn and Make Concept (DIY Solar based mobile charger)
  • Problem-solving approach
  • Design Thinking

Broader Topics:

  • Separation of materials based on properties, Electric circuits, Electromagnetism, Newton Law, Pressure, hydraulic, Renewable energy (e.g. - Solar crop dryer, solar traffic light, Hydro Electricity)
  • Basics of Robotics
  • Basics of IOT
  • City design solutions
  • Physical computing (Understanding automation)
  • Aeronautics

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