Crazy Science Lab kits by Respire Experiential Learning provide hands-on learning solutions in Science and Math for children from Grade 1 to Grade 12. We have a range of kits designed and developed by professionals which will help kids to learn science and math concepts in a very simplified way.

Crazy Science Lab kit key features:

  • Better Conceptual Clarity
  • Observation, Reflections & Assessments
  • Applying the Science/Maths principles to real life
  • Develops Creativity & Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • Developing perception towards future technologies

Crazy Science Lab kit available in three forms:

  • CSL kits for individual student (Individual hands on activities).
  • CSL kit for complete class (Individual hands on activities, Demo activities, Group activities)
  • CSL kit for teachers ( Demo activities for Teachers )
  • Call us for ordering Crazy science lab kit at your School/ NGO/ Organization. We provide customized solution like once a month box, year long course, etc.

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